How to deposit at an online casino with Skrill

Skrill has become a favorite funding method for real money gambling fanatics across the globe. It’s because this e-wallet service is well established, legal, easy to use throughout India. It hardly takes more time to set up accounts on both sides, and once you have funded your electronic wallet, you can make transactions to and from your gambling site in a snap. 

But many people doubt is Skrill safe to use in India. Here we have come up with an unbiased Skrill India review covering how to open a Skrill account, conduct funding and withdrawals, and other vital aspects.

Skrill payment system.

Best online casinos that accept Skrill

Here are our casinos’ list accepting Skrill:

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Skrill Pros and Cons

Adding money to the virtual casino using Skrill has its advantages and disadvantages. We have compiled some of them during our Skrill review:

Widely accepted at the most gambling platformsDo not support American customers
Easy payment usage
Create an account in 55 currencies, including INR
Regulated by FCA and has a long-standing reputation
Minimal withdrawal charges and currency exchange
Multi-lingual site transformation capability

How to Create a Skrill Account?

The procedure for making a new Skrill account is quite easy. Below are the simple account creation steps:

Head to the Skrill Site

Open the Skrill site and hit the register button on its homepage. You will get the option to make a business or a personal account.

You will see a registration window there.

Fill the Sign-Up Form

Fill up the Skrill registration form by filling up the right info like name, currency, country, and others. Indians can choose INR as their preferred currency. Currency selected at the Skrill sign-up time cannot be changed.

Fill in the fields with your true personal information.

Read Terms and Privacy Notice

Now, read the Skrill terms and privacy notice and hit the register button.

Your registration at Skrill is almost completed.

Verify (Compulsory)

To make yourself completely eligible for withdrawals, make sure you verify your Skrill account instantly shortly after signing up. It will take hardly less than five minutes. Go to the account’s settings and provide your ID or billing address.

Provide indormation that proves your personality to Skrill.

Skrill system will also send you a verification link to your email, which you need to click after finding it in your mailbox. Verifying Skrill’s email is compulsory. 

To check if your Skrill account is verified or not, simply head to the Limits and verification in the settings. Once you have done with Skrill registration and verification, you can conduct withdrawals using bank transfer and other options. 

To send any payment, you need to authorize it using your login credentials. In case your Skrill account is protected by the password tokens, you may need to follow the directions offered to you.

How to Deposit Money in Skrill?

Is Skrill safe in India and is funding using Skrill is easy are the queries that every person wants to know. We will describe each step below about how to deposit money in Skrill from India and use it at an online casino.

How to Make Skrill Deposit from India?

Here is how the Skrill deposit process works:

Method 1: Via Card

You can use cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc., to conduct Skrill deposits. However, it depends on your country. Therefore, make sure you go through the accepted card types in your area.

Step 1: Open Deposit Section

Head to the Skrill deposit section and hit the deposit now button.

Step 2: Add Card

Add card in the card option, fill in your card information like card number, expiry date, etc. and click continue.

Step 3: Add Amount and Purpose of Funding

Add the amount you need to deposit, pick the purpose (Skrill non-gambling)

and hit next.

Step 4: Confirm

Now, hit confirm bottom to complete your deposit.

Use you usual payment card to top up your Skrill account.

Method 2: Via Bank Account

Skrill members can also top up their account using their bank account. Overseas and local bank transfers typically take 2 – 5 working days.

Step 1: Enter Deposit Section

Go to the deposit section of the Skrill account and hit deposit now. Make sure you check Skrill minimum deposit India.

Step 2: Choose Bank Transfer

Pick bank transfer from the funding options. Now, you will see a window displaying your bank; add your banking info there. Make sure your bank name and Skrill account are similar.

Note: As per your region, you will need to pick the currency for conducting transactions. As per that, you will see diverse banking details.

Step 3: Click Confirm

Hit Confirm to authorize the payment.

Depositing on Skrill via your bank account is easy and convenient.

How to Use Skrill in India at the Best Casino Site?

Skrill use in India is very common today. Here is how to use Skrill at your favorite casino platform:

Step 1: Open Your Favorite Casino Login Page

Log in to your preferred casino with Skrill and enter the casino platform. Else, create an account if you do not have it and then proceed towards the casino account verification.

Step 2: Deposit into Your Gambling Account

Now, deposit into your casino account using diverse banking options. For this, head to the deposit now button and pick Skrill from the available funding options list. 

Step 3: Log in to Skrill to Complete Deposit

You will be taken to the Skrill secure page. Again, you need to fill in some basic information. After that, check the Skrill deposit limit and hit the deposit button to initiate the deposit.

Skrill will help you to make a deposit on an online casino instantly.

How to Withdraw Money from Skrill?

This article section will explain how to withdraw money from Skrill in India. You can request a withdrawal of the funds in your Skrill Account at any time you desire using multiple cashing out methods – credit card, bank transfer, debit card, etc. Once your Skrill transaction gets completed, it appears under the ‘My transfers’ section.

To Indian Bank Account

Here we will discuss how to withdraw money to a bank account from Skrill:

Step 1: Login and Choose Skrill

Open the Login page of your favorite casino portal and select Skrill as your withdrawal option.

Step 2: Choose Indian Bank and Decide the Withdrawal Amount

Pick your Indian bank, and you will find a pop-up, enter the bank details (Account name, SWIFT code, and more), withdrawn amount, and OTP sent to your registered number there. The cashing out processing time varies from one casino platform to another.

Step 3: Confirm Bank Transfer and Wait

Confirm your withdrawal from Skrill and wait for the processing.

Remeber, that it can take up to 5 days to transfer money to your bacnk account from Skrill.

Which Indian Bank Supports Skrill?

All major Indian banks that accept credit cards have the Skrill option. Below is a list of banks in India that accept Skrill:

  • SBI
  • PNB and more

Skrill Withdrawal to Bank Account Time

Transferring Skrill amount to your Indian bank takes 2 to 5 business days. Even if you are using a credit or credit card, the time is the same.

To Paypal

You cannot move your Skrill account amount to Paypal directly. The only solution is to use Skrill exchange India. However, there might be the Skrill exchange rate that you should be aware of.

We recommend choosing, for example, Neteller to withdraw money from Skrill.

Skrill Withdrawal to Paypal Time

Skrill to Paypal withdrawal timedepends on the Skrill exchanger in India you are making use of.

To Neteller

Here we’ll show how to withdraw from Skrill India to Neteller:

Step 1: Log in to Neteller

Open the Login page of Neteller and type login details to enter the payment platform. If you have no Neteller account, create it first.

Step 2: Pick Skrill

Select Skrill as your funding option, pick the preferred fund amount and then hit continue.

Step 3: Initiate Withdrawal to Neteller
You need to login into the Skrill account, enter details and hit pay now to complete Skrill to Neteller transfer.

Skrill-to-Neteller withdrawal is very convenient and almos instant.

Skrill Withdrawal to Neteller Time

Moving money Skrill-Neteller will take only a couple of minutes.

Skrill Withdrawal Fees

During our Skrill review India, we have noticed that every Skrill account is subject to withdrawal charges and limits. If your withdrawal limit surpasses your existing limit, you may see a refusal on your request. 

In this case, you need to send Skrill additional documents before you withdraw. However, the Skrill fee will rely on your Skrill action (whether you are using it for commercial or personal purposes).

Skrill ActionFees
DepositFees of Local and global payments 2.50%
*If you are using your credit card at any gambling site, the platform may charge you an extra fee.
Neteller – 3.49%
SWIFT – INR 485.25%
Money Transfer
Skrill to Skrill 2.99%
Domestic transfer 2%
Transfer to overseas bank account free

Skrill vs Neteller

Let’s understand Skrill or Neteller which is better:

Skrill vs Neteller IndiaSkrillNeteller
Pros 41 available currencies
Bitcoin accepted
High limits
Minimal commissions
More funding choices
28 available currencies
128-bit encryption and 3D secure technology
Widely accepted by the poker platforms, virtual casinos, exchanges, sports bookies, and Forex sites
Cons Prepaid cards only available in EuropeCustomer service a bit slow
High currency conversion fee for non-VIP members

Skrill vs Paypal

Skrill vs Paypal IndiaSkrillPaypal
Pros High level of transparency and security 
Option to work with gambling and forex accounts
Conduct transactions worldwide in seconds
Low charges
Buy and sell cryptos
User-friendly and encrypted
Mobile optimized
Transactions complete record
Special discounts
Cons High currency exchange charges from one Skrill account to another internationallyAccount freeze without warning
Extra bank charges

Skrill FAQ

How to deposit money in Skrill from India?

Skrill renders a host of funding options for the Indians – VISA, bank transfer, etc.

How to withdraw money from Skrill in India?

You can conduct Skrill gambling withdrawals using bank transfers, credit cards, and more.

How to create a Skrill account in India?

Hit Register on Skrill homepage > enter data > read the privacy notice and T &C’s and confirm.

How to verify Skrill in India?

Login to Skrill India > Settings > Verification.

How to transfer money from Skrill to an Indian bank account?

To move funds to an Indian bank from Skrill, you need your correct bank details like name, D.O.B, email, etc. It’s best to read our Skrill money transfer review.

How much does Skrill charge to withdraw?

Skrill deposit charges India depend on your payment action and country. You can dive into our Skrill free section explained above.

Skrill or Neteller, which is better?

Both Neteller and Skrill stay as excellent options in the world of payment processing. It’s a matter of your taste.

How to contact Skrill customer care?

You can connect with the Skrill customer service by emailing, contact via Skrill contact form, or social media (Facebook and Twitter). There is also a FAQ section to troubleshoot customer problems.