Play online Andar Bahar for real money

This laid-back Indian game has rapidly caught wind and found its way from Karnataka to online casino trends and now appears on all major GameTech platforms. Formerly famed by the name of Katti, the grounds behind this game’s popularity surge are less known. It already had a relatively easy rulebook but since its addition online, it has become even more sophisticated. Since its arrival at the online casino Andar Bahar, several different varieties of cult games have cropped up. This comprises Speed Andar Bahar and true to life Live Andar Bahar.

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How to play Andar Bahar in India

How to play Andar Bahar in Casino is a major hurdle most players face and we solve that for you right here. This game is easy enough to understand but for non-native players the translation is necessary. ‘Andar’ and ‘Bahar’ translate to ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ respectively. 

In reference to How to play Andar Bahar card game: 

  1. Register! 

Research around all casinos to play Andar Bahar Live casino and register your account on the one that fits best. After you join, you can log in to the Andar Bahar tab.

  1. The Live Dealer

Andar Bahar gameplay online will involve a real-life dealer handling your bets. The dealer will segregate a deck of cards to reveal one prominent card in the center. This is the main card.

  1. Place bets:

The players must now bet on whether the equivalent face value of the centre card will pop up next in Andar (inside or to left of the centre card) or Bahar (outside or to the right of the centre card). Thus, how to play Andar Bahar cards is abridged for your accessibility with this article!

How to play andar bahar step by step guide 2021

Live Dealer Andar Bahar

Live dealer is a feature many Andar Bahar Game in Casino platforms online include. This is a real-time dealer experience at the cosiness of your home. The dealer pops up a center card from the thoroughly shuffled deck. Of course, online the computer makes sure the process is random as physical shuffling is not possible. The participant’s bet on which side, Andar or Bahar will disclose the replica of the original card. The playing will continue to take place until the same face value crops up in either box. The players who have betted on the triumphant box will be cashed out.

There are an option to play online andar bahar with live dealer

Video Andar Bahar

Video Andar Bahar has revolutionized entertainment in the pandemic for new and old lovers of the game. Play Andar Bahar online on the best casino platforms and find that you do not have to be restricted to dealing with the computer alone. The first of the two types come in a video game format wherein you play with the computer and not a real dealer. The alternate Video Andar Bahar includes an experienced dealer or actor on the other end from a real-life shoot sitting in an authentic casino set. This makes for an authentic Casino Andar Bahar feeling. You can play Andar Bahar Online free on many websites like LeoVegas.

a lot of casinos offer to play video andar bahar

Andar Bahar Rules

Andar Bahar casino game rules are plenty but not difficult to comprehend. They are listed here: 

  • A basic deck of 52 cards is needed. 
  • All cards possess their normal values. For instance, a 5 is a 5, and an ace is 1. 
  • If the first card turns out to be Black, meaning a club or spade, the dealer will start dealing the rest of the cards from the Andar aisle. 
  • If the dealer discloses a Red card first, meaning diamonds or hearts, the dealer is directed to initiate the dealing from the Bahar aisle. 
  • The dealer will keep tossing cards until the card equivalent pops up on either side.
  • The side which reveals the card of equivalent number wins and they will be paid their rewards suitably.
Here are enumerated the rules of andar bahar

Andar Bahar terms

The pay-out terms are a little difficult to understand but can be summarised as the following

  • With every card that replicates the centre card and its side, the winner gets a stakeout of 90% 
  • But if the matching card replicates the centre card on the other side, the winner gets a stakeout of 100%. 
  • Minimum and maximum wager limits will differ based on the websites being used to play the game  
  • Side bets: Side bets are bets other than the Standard playing cards Andar Bahar and can add to the thrill of the rustic game. How to win Andar Bahar in Casino can also be answered in the form of side bets. This means you can simply bet on the suit and the value of the center card. Find out types of side bets: 
    • This means you can bet whether the original card dealt by the dealer will be black or red. 
    • Additionally, you can also bet on whether the number will be higher or lower than a certain number. 
    • Similarly, you can also bet on the number of cards that will have to be dispensed before the matching card is found on either side.
Here you can find all important terms that uses in andar bahar

Andar Bahar tricks

Tricks to play Andar Bahar are much sought and we provide you the inside scoop on the same.  

  • You can initiate your Andar Bahar journey with simulated money or for free and meanwhile learn the loopholes and key strategies of the game
  • Andar Bahar’s chances are usually purely based on a chance with each side having half the chances of winning or losing. Nevertheless, you may still increase your likelihood of winning if you can do complementary betting on other things besides the standard Andar Bahar bet. This is also part of Casino Andar Bahar tricks. 
  • Side betting options comprise betting on the color of the main card or betting on the number of cards to pop up before the replica is disclosed. 
  • Andar Bahar playing cards tricks in Hindi can be found on websites like Pure Casino and Betway which offer the Hindi language for customer use. 
  • Many websites will tell you that you can cheat on Andar Bahar with certain tricks and codes. 
  •  Andar Bahar is a game of fate and you cannot trick your way around it. You can only increase your chances of winning by placing additional bets or scrutinizing previous trends and figures. 
Best andar bahar tricks and winning strategy


How to play Andar Bahar game?

Andar Bahar is an old-style Indian game that uses a basic deck of 52 cards. The game takes place amid a dealer and a player wherein the dealer discloses one center card from a shuffled deck. The left and right side of the decks correspond to Andar and Bahar. The end target should be to get the replica of the number of center cards on your betted side, be it Andar or Bahar. Whichever side gets the matching numerical value card on its side first, wins the game.

How to Play Andar Bahar Casino Game?

In the casino version of the widely famed Andar Bahar game, the same rules as the old rural game apply. You will try to get a replica of the center card on the side you have betted on to be victorious. Side betting on the color or number is a crucial part of Andar Bahar winning tricks in Casino as well.

How to play Andar Bahar in an online casino?

Simply choose an online casino website that meets your bonus and wagering desires. Create an account on the website, tick the bonus box and start wagering by playing your favorite Andar Bahar game. The game doesn’t end till the identical card crops up on the left or right side. In the event your side triumphs, you may win a hefty pay out. Make sure to meet all wagering conditions before you hit the withdraw button.

How to get an Andar Bahar casino bonus?

When you initiate your journey of Andar Bahar in casino websites online, you’ll be suitably rewarded with first time bonuses also if you are a new customer. There is rarely a bonus tailor made for Andar Bahar casino game. On the other hand, you are entitled to a bonanza bonus which you can obtain by registering and making your first deposit. After satisfying the wagering conditions you’ll be able to process withdrawal and obtain your bonus rapidly!

How to play Andar Bahar for free?

This game can rarely ever be enjoyed free of cost online. Some amateur websites will give you the privilege of training for a while with virtual money like LeoVegas but do not expect any rewards or winnings in return. Nevertheless, there are some casino slots that you can play for free and even get massive winnings! These are obtainable on almost all big websites like LeoVegas and Betway.