Play Online Baccarat for Real money 

Your favorite casino card game can be experienced in real-time with real money now. With the advent of online casinos, Baccarat can be enjoyed and benefited from with real money too! Here’s our simple guide on how to play Baccarat online.

How to play baccarat?

Best Sites to Play Baccarat

To start off, you will need to choose between several Baccarat game apps and websites that are the right match for you. Here are the Best sites to play Baccarat Online game:

1 10cric casino.

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2 1xBet logo.

4.8 / 5

Welcome Bonus up to €1500 + 150 Free Spins

€1500 + 150 Free Spins

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3 22bet Casino.

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4.3 / 5

Casino bonus 100% Up To ₹8,000


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5 Betfair Casino.

5 / 5

You will get a 100% bonus after registration and making your first deposit

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6 Betway Casino.

4.8 / 5

Welcome offer 100% up to ₹90,000


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7 Casumo casino.

4.7 / 5

Bet ₹1,000 And Get ₹3,000 Free Bet


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8 Comeon Casino.

4.4 / 5

Casino Welcome bonus: up to ₹10,000


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9 Dafabet Casino.

5 / 5

Get from 50% to 160% on your first deposit

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10 Melbet Casino.

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Deposit a minimum of 786 INR and get 50% in addition to this amount


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What is Baccarat

What is Baccarat, how to play, how to win Baccarat; here is where we answer these questions:

Baccarat is a card game that is played by two “hands”, the dealer and the banker. The object of the game is to get a total value of cards closest to number 9. There are three possible outcomes: the player wins, banker wins, or a tie. Lucky for Baccarat lovers, you can now play Baccarat online live.

You can play Baccarat game online.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat lovers will rejoice to know now you can play Baccarat online for real money! The pandemic cannot keep lovers of the game who can now Play Baccarat online live and experience a vivid gambling experience with real returns. Even if you are not interested in betting real money, begin your live Baccarat online free play with these easy steps:

Choose the right casino website for you

This will mean checking up on bonuses, withdrawal, and deposit methods, tables available, etc.

Choose the best casino.

Sign up!

Find the ‘sign up’ or ‘Registration’ button on your choice of website. Then fill in basic details asked of you like name, email address, phone number, etc. If you have a Promo code for the website, enter it to create the betting account. Some websites have made it easy to log in with just your mobile number with an OTP for verification, or even just an email address in one click!

Press the green button to register.

Deposit Funds

Deposit some money into the account to start betting! Don’t be tempted to deposit too much at once. Huge winnings cannot be made overnight.

Deposit money into the account.


Withdrawal of money can occur easily through many options such as Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and others. Usually, money can be withdrawn using the same method that was used to deposit.

Withdraw money through convenient option.

Online Baccarat Rules

Remember to follow the Rules and only the Best Baccarat Betting Strategy!  

Learn Baccarat Rules here:

  1. There are three possibilities to bet on: Player, banker, or tie. Dealers will proceed to share the cards which must sum up to the highest value to win. The cards totaling 9 or closest to the sum value of 9 will win.
  2. The table is simply player numbers 1- 15 with three-bet boxes of player, banker, and tie which one must choose from to bet on.
  3. Card Values is a tricky one but we’ll explain in a non-complicated manner:
    1.  Number cards will have the same value. For example 2 of any card (ace, spades, clubs, or hearts) will have a value of 2 only. Ace will have a value of 1.
    2. While picture Cards (King, Queen, and Joker) will have a value of 0. This is why the Game is named Baccarat or ‘zero’ in Italian.
  4. Two numbered cards each are dropped by the dealer on the table in each Player and Banker boxes.
  5.  Now the summing up begins! The two-card values are added and subtracted by 10 to get a single digit. If the added value is already between 0-5, the bettor will gain a card to increase their chances of winning. 
  6. The total value closest to 9 wins! 
  7. For instance, the player gets cards of 7 and 9. The values are added and subtracted by 10 to get the total value of 6. The banker gets cards 2 and 6, and thus gets a total value of 8. The Banker has the highest value of the two and thus wins!
  8. If there is a tie between the two, the tie box wins. This is the riskiest bet because a tie happens less frequently than a clear win.
Follow rules to win a game.

Online Baccarat Winning Strategy

Learn Baccarat Pattern Strategy for frequent winnings and a more enjoyable experience:

  • Although it is a chance game, one must try to get a face value close to 9 by studying previous winning trends and choose the right box, player, or banker to bet on.
  • One must remember the house or casino will always have the highest edge in the long course of the game. But this does not mean that huge winnings are not possible.
  • It is safest to bet with the Banker as the Banker has a slight edge of winning over the player by 1.06%. Remember, even if you win by placing your bet on the Banker, the house will take a 5% commission from your winnings.
  • Keep betting with the Banker for consistent and safe bets. In case the Banker is on a losing streak, switch to the Player box. 
  • Keep betting on the Player until it goes on a losing streak also. Then switch back to the Banker again when it resumes winning.
  • Avoid tying bets. The tie box has some good odds but wins less frequently than player and Banker. Thus it is most risky to bet on the tie. 
  • You can hone your skills with the free version without paying real money deposits first. When you have mastered the game, real money winnings can begin.
  • Lastly, do not spend more than the allocated amount you planned to spend on the game. Winnings are addictive but you must remember the House wins in the long run.
Follow baccarat strategy for frequent winnings.

Baccarat FAQ

Baccarat can be difficult to understand if playing for the first time. We answer some common queries here:

How does Baccarat work?

The game involved three possibilities to bet on; player, banker, and tie. The player and banker will have two cards laid out to them by the dealer. Whoever has the highest total value in the single-digit will win. Baccarat online app is also available if you want to skip the hassle of playing on websites. For others, you can play Baccarat online free no download will be required.

How to win baccarat strategy?

Baccarat strategy is not too many as it is a game of chance. But one can check out previous trends of what is the best bet in Baccarat and play accordingly. The tie bet is usually the least to win while it does offer good odds and returns.

Baccarat how to win?

Once you learn the rules of Baccarat How to play and win is one common question. The previous trends of wins are available to study and decide which is the best Baccarat online strategy. How to win Baccarat online then becomes simplified as ever!

Is online baccarat legal in India?

There are several federal laws banning gambling and casinos in most parts of India. However, there are no rules or legal laws regulating online casinos. Casino websites and apps where Baccarat online real money is deposited and betting is done easily are trending and legal.